Outdoor Activities to do in a Well-Lit Backyard

A well-lit patio

There are few finer pleasures than spending an evening in your backyard when the weather is good. But without the proper lighting, you’ll have the same curfew that you likely had as a kid: be home by sundown.

With the proper outdoor lighting, however, the evening is all yours. Here are some of the fun things you can do in your backyard after dark if you invest in the proper lighting.

Go For a Late-Night Swim

If you have a pool, installing lights around it makes it safe for you to go for a late-night dip. Maybe you don’t have to cool off like you do during the middle of the day, but it can be nice to enjoy the still of night from inside your pool.


Life can be so busy, it’s difficult to find time to just sit down and read – maybe there’s a book you’ve been putting off or some articles you’ve been saving up. Taking some time in the evening to catch up on your reading on a quiet evening on your well-lit patio can be a rewarding and relaxing experience.

Catch Up with Friends

Some of the best nights are ones spent relaxing in your backyard, talking to some friends. It could be an old friend you see only once every few years or a neighbor that stops by with snacks every Thursday, it’s still always a pleasant experience. Outdoor lighting gives you the option to continue those chats well into the evening with just the right ambiance.

Have a Meal

Sure, summer provides enough daylight to eat all three meals in the sun, without the need of lights. But here in Florida, the weather is generally warm enough in the spring and fall to enjoy dinners outside, even after the sun has gone done. The sunset doesn’t have to be an outdoor dining curfew for you or your family with a properly lit backyard.

If you’re looking to enjoy your backyard more during summer evenings, Illuminations USA Inc. is the place to go for outdoor architectural lighting design, installation and maintenance. We can help you design the perfect outdoor lighting setup for your home. Call 407-880-0700 today to take the first step toward living your summer dream.