Match Your Garden to Your Lighting

Gardens provide a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoor areas around your home. Too often, though, gardens are only able to be enjoyed during daylight hours. You can actually turn your garden into a relaxing and pleasurable space so enjoy in the evening, however, if you match your garden to your lighting.

There are several key aspects to designing a garden and outdoor lighting that will make the area a pleasurable nighttime refuge. These include choosing the right plants for nighttime enjoyment and installing the right landscape lighting.

Garden LightingLandscape lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Properly installed landscape lighting can enhance buildings, highlight architectural features, and illuminate plants at night. Landscape lighting that is done well can make a property more usable as well as increase the value of the property. Upward-facing landscape lights can highlight features on a building and trees or other ornamentals, while lighting along sidewalks or walkways can help to create a warming and welcoming aesthetic.

Some plants actually prefer evening or night, and will bloom or offer the most fragrance at this time. Including night blooming plants in your garden can help to make it an enjoyable place during the evening hours.

A moonlight garden may feature plants that are particularly beautiful when lit by moonlight or carefully placed landscape lighting. Adding these plants to an outdoor garden can transform an ordinary garden into something almost magical, particularly when coupled with the right landscape lighting to enjoy the sights and smells of these unique plants in the evening.

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