LED Bulbs Decreasing in Price

It’s no secret as to why LED bulbs are more popular than ever; every year they decrease in price but don’t decrease in efficiency. That’s important. At this point, we can only expect them to continue to decrease in price making them more affordable and accessible to all members of society, from top to bottom. Many people reflect on the fact that a few years ago, some LED bulbs were $100 apiece.

Now, you can purchase some LED bulbs for under $10 and in some areas of the country, under $5. There is literally no reason NOT to use LED bulbs. Well, if you teetering on the edge of not investing in LED bulbs (why would you?), this recent innovation might push you over, according to Tree Hugger.

Michael Graham Richard writes, “FSU’s discovery has to do with replacing what is usually 4-5 layers with a single layer of inexpensive combo-organic/inorganic material that can glow red, green or blue (or all three together for white LEDs) and can be deposited at room temperature rather than at the high temperatures needed by other processes.”

This could very well change the face of the LED landscape and we could see prices drop even further. What do you think of this development? Are you excited?