Landscape Lighting Trends

Our design team at Illuminations USA is always updating our style books to keep up with new innovations and trends in the outdoor lighting industry. And 2015 is shaping up to be a promising year, with LED lighting applications becoming ever more flexible. Here are a few of our favorite new lighting ideas for your outdoor space that are going to be as hot as Florida in August this year.

To start, we’re going to see a lot more outdoor living spaces being marked off by lighting. Rather than typical hedges and fences, using lighting to denote outdoor ‘rooms,’ like kitchens and patio spaces, makes your yard seem roomier, airier, and more welcoming than boxed off spaces. We’re seeing this happen with lighting around walkways, spotlights hanging from trees and poles, and even just centered lanterns that cast light only as far as the outdoor ‘room’ you’re trying to mark.

Pool-Area-LightingWater features are also becoming increasingly popular as fountains and ponds become more environmentally and economically sustainable. Water features that can only be enjoyed by daylight are a waste. Light up your water piece with underwater backlights, spotlights, soft fairylights that hit the water and create a sparkle, or even LED lights that mimic ever-glowing candles installed on the edges of your piece for a natural effect.

Safety is never out of fashion. Mark off not just boundaries of outdoor ‘rooms,’ but walkways to residence entrances, swimming pool edges, and paths around your yard. And safety lighting doesn’t have to be boring or utilitarian! Use lights that subtly change color over time for a new ambiance every few minutes. And save your wallet and the environment by remembering to always go LED.

For more lighting trends for 2015 and for all of your outdoor lighting needs, contact Illuminations USA today. We can’t wait to get started!