Landscape Lighting Ideas for the Fall

It’s officially fall! As the temperatures begin to drop, you can continue to enjoy plenty of evenings sitting on your back patio, or gathered around the table with friends. While the fall does bring slightly cooler temperatures, it also brings a few other changes, such as the sun setting earlier and rising a later.

To help prepare your yard for these changes, here are a few tips to get your outdoor lighting ready for fall:

Fall Landscaping Ideas

Add Warmth to Outdoor Areas

While fall weather is still rather warm in Florida, you will usually start to see temperatures dropping, especially in the evening. Make your backyard feel a little more cozier by adding spotlights. If you’re not sure how to start, that’s alright! Work with a professional outdoor lighting designer, and they’ll help you create the perfect space by using different uplighting and downlight techniques.

Add Path Lights

As the nights get a little darker, it’s always a great idea to make sure that all of your walkways are well lit. Adding or updating your outdoor path lights will keep your guests safe and headed in the right direction. Not to mention, a well-lit path also looks decorative in your back and front yard.

Experiment with Low Voltage Lighting

Because our days are long during the summer, we only get to experience our backyard lights for a short time each night. If you’ve wanted to switch to low voltage lighting, the fall is a great time to do so. There are plenty of benefits of low voltage lighting, including saving money, it’s a safer lighting option, and it’s environmentally friendly. So as we enter the fall and prepare to have longer nights out on the patio, make sure your property is properly illuminated.

Tips for Patio and Deck Lighting

Whether you’re adding more lighting, or just replacing old structures, you’re going to want to keep the following rules in mind to have a successful night out on the patio:

  1. Make sure the lighting isn’t in your guest’s eyes.
  2. Make sure your lights aren’t in the way for your guests to get tangled up or trip over.
  3. Keep your light sources hidden, especially for spotlighting.

Work With An Experienced Team for Your Fall Lighting

Are you interested in replacing your lighting? Contact the professionals at Illuminations USA. Give us a call at 407-880-0700, and we’ll help you pick out the best fall lighting for your landscape!