Landscape Lighting Helps With Wild Animal Problems

You put in time, effort, and money to make your garden and home landscaping beautiful . . . only to have it ruined by wild animals! So how do you prevent pesky critters from destroying your hard work?

Landscape lighting may be just what you need.

How does it help?

Landscape lighting is a great way to keep animals at bay. Many will naturally shy away from the bright, artificial lights. Well-lit areas don’t provide wild animals with cover from predators, so they will be hesitant to approach. Wild animals also scare easily, so using motion-sensing lights is a great choice, as they will startle the animal as soon as it gets too close and likely send it running away. Research from Colorado State University also found that strobe lighting may be an even better option for keeping rodents like rats, mice, and raccoons away from your home.

Use landscape lighting responsibly

You want to keep the animals away without harming them, so how can you make sure your landscape lighting is effective but also safe? Try positioning the lights low and be careful about where you point them. You can also use low-intensity lighting such as solar lighting that will deter animals but aren’t as harsh.

Are you ready to install the perfect landscape lighting to protect your home from wild animals, or do you want to learn more? If you live in the central Florida area, Illuminations USA Inc. can help! Our experienced team can answer all your questions and create and install lighting to fit your exact needs. Contact us today!