Know Your Lighting Before You Dig

While fall and winter in Florida don’t bring snow and ice, it does bring cooler temperatures. That also means that it’s more bearable to be outside at this time of year, which makes it perfect for taking care of any fall planting, gardening or landscaping projects that you may have been putting off in the oppressive summer heat. Before you start digging around, it is important to keep in mind any landscape lighting you already have installed and make sure that you avoid coming into contact with any buried power lines.

Landscape Lighting and GardeningIf it has been a while since you installed your outdoor lighting, it might be easy to forget where you had buried your connections. However, you can be assured that they are still there, and you must be careful not to dig into them or the result can be costly.

Luckily, remembering that you have wiring installed is the hard part. Once you know it is there, you can more easily avoid it. If you are aware that your landscape lighting wiring exists but aren’t quite sure where it is, refer to the paperwork that was given to you by the original installer. For some extra security, you can get yourself some inexpensive boundary flags and place them along the path of the wires where they travel through areas where you might dig, like garden areas or landscaping displays, to help you keep clear of them.

Since there is little chance of electrocution from hitting one of these wires – especially with low-voltage LEDs – this advice is more for ensuring that your fall and winter gardening projects are smooth and inexpensive. If you break a wire and hope to have it replaced, it can be a costly endeavor. In fact, sometimes it may make more sense to replace a broken connection entirely – meaning more digging and more cost.

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