Illuminate Your Home as Fall Draws Near

With the first days of fall just around the corner, vibrant leaves in orange and red hues are beginning to fall as the days grow shorter. With the sun setting so much earlier, now is a good time to consider installing outdoor lighting at your Central Florida home.

Feeling of Security

As the sun sets earlier and earlier throughout the fall season and into the winter months, you may be picking the kids up from practice or unloading your groceries in the dark. Make your front yard a cozy haven where you can find your keys at the bottom of your purse without struggling blindly by installing lights outside. Lighting along your driveway and near the front entryway can create a sense of comfort and safety for your family as they make their way home each night.

Prepare for the Holidays

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will all be here faster than we realize! A well-lit, attractive front lawn is a subtle yet important way to prepare for the festivities. A welcoming glow will have kids running to get their candy on Halloween and prevent them from tripping on their costumes as they make their way to your door. These lights will also be invaluable for guests as they arrive and exit your get-togethers. With their arms full of delicious holiday leftovers, an illuminated home will make packing presents and sleepy children into the car much easier.

Shop our selection of outdoor lights or contact us at 407-880-0700 for design and installation services. With over 20 years of experience, Illuminations USA Inc. can enhance the most beautiful areas of your home while reinforcing its safety and security.