How to Create a Cohesive Landscape Design

While creating an interior design that speaks to the personality of a home is of utmost importance, there is an argument to be made that the exterior is just as important.

It’s the first impression you’re giving to any house guest! We don’t know about you, but we think that’s a pretty big deal.

So here are a few elements that your home needs in order to make a cohesive and impressive landscape design!

Create “focal points”

You’ll want to create a few centerpieces within your landscaping, drawing your attention in and allowing you to build out from those specific points.

Whether that’s a more extravagant plant or a fountain, this will make for a natural flow across your landscape.

Green your house

Cohesive Landscape Plan

One of the ways to really make your landscape design ‘cohesive’ is to blend in the most important piece of the design: the house!

What do we mean by that? Try to add some greenery to the edges of the home’s exterior, filling in dead spaces with plants and flowers, or enhancing whatever architectural features that the house may have with some plants to match it.

Lighting is key

You must remember that your landscaping is not just seen by visitors during the day, but more often, at night with your various dinner parties and get-togethers.

So, what do you need? Lights!

Adding a lighting design that not only presents your landscape to the public, but also, adds to the existing design is the goal here. Find lights that work well with the plants you’re adding, along pathways and in pottery. Lights also play a large role in highlighting your home’s architectural features and those focal points you worked to create!

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