How String Lights Can Amp Up Your Backyard

How String Lights Can Amp Up Your BackyardEven though the days are starting to get a little shorter, that’s no reason for you to pack up your backyard furniture and move the party inside! Fall in Florida is still gorgeous and mild, so why not extend the backyard season by lighting things up? Here are some tips on how adding string lights to your backyard can amp up your space, and make it a cool fall hangout.

Instantly Festive

Whether you’re planning a pre-holiday get together, a birthday party, or a regular dinner party with some friends, string lights make your space instantly more festive. It’s the same effect as lighting a few candles—it’ll set the mood.

If you have outdoor seating, run string lights around the base of the area and around the deck railing if you have one. According to HGTV, another great spot for string lights is clustered underneath your umbrella. All three of these options will throw enough light for the party to keep going, even when the sun sets this season.

Space Definition

If you have a patio space on your property, consider hanging string lights across the top of it, creating a romantic, luminescent ceiling of sorts. That way, on cloudy nights when the stars are hidden, there will still be some sparkles for you to admire.

Balcony Décor

String lights can take a balcony from a drab storage area to a cool, comfortable hangout. Run string lights along the railing to cast a festive glow, or use them to create a canopy that will dress up the space.

Hanging string lights is an easy and affordable way to makeover your backyard; but don’t get stuck doing all that tricky electrical work yourself. Illuminations, USA offers outdoor LED & garden lighting, and we’d be happy to install your string lights for you. Give us a call today at 407-880-0700 to learn more!