Highlight a Fountain With Elegant Lighting

Fountain Lighting There are few things more beautiful architecturally than a grand and well-lit fountain. This feature can elevate your home to another level of class, but there is more to it than just adding a few light bulbs. Follow some of these tips to ensure that your lighted fountain becomes the impressive focal point that anyone would be proud to represent their home.

Stay Safe

As a starter, it is important to remember the potential danger that comes along with working with electricity near water. If you are installing the lighting on your own, don’t forget to be careful and use caution, especially when working with complex fixtures or wires.

Consider the Surroundings

If you are designing your lighting scheme yourself, it is important to consider the size of your fountain and the space it occupies to be sure that you aren’t overcrowding any lights or creating an overwhelmed display. You also need to take into account any other features, like surrounding landscaping or nearby trees that could cast shadows or create places where lights could be hidden away.

Use a Variety of Lights

Although there is beauty in simplicity, you might also consider using varied light sources and techniques. Often, multiple light sources can add an intriguing complexity to the fountain, and the more there is to absorb, the more there is to enjoy when looking at the fountain. If you are interested in adding some variety but don’t know how, contact a professional for assistance on the creative side.

Focus on the Fountain

Somewhat in contrast to the last point, it is important not to get overly ambitious in such a way that the eye is distracted from the fountain due to all kinds of ungainly wires and fixtures. If your fountain is not yet built, this would be an excellent opportunity to hide wires and accessories within the actual construction of the fixture itself. If the fountain is already built, try using wires and fixtures that match the color of your fountain as a type of camouflage or consider using buried cables, if possible, to hide away the cords and wires.

Contact a Professional

While adding your own lighting may seem like a fun DIY project, you may want to consider the assistance of a professional. Even if you have extensive lighting experience, a professional may be able to assist you with the design and implementation of your light in ways that you may not have considered. Whether you want only consultation help or to leave the whole project to professionals, the team at Illuminations USA can help you.

When it comes to fountain and architectural lighting, you can’t go wrong with the services of Illuminations USA. We offer products, services and advice for almost any lighting project, so give us a call at 407-880-0700 today for help with all your lighting needs.