Great Ways to Light Up Your Pool Area

As we enter spring, it’s time to start thinking about getting your pool ready for the summer. Adding lights to your pool area is a great way to help spice up the ambiance of your back yard while adding visibility for your guests. If you’re not sure where to start, let us show you a few ideas to help you get the best lighting for your pool.

How to Install Pool Lights

Add Pool Deck Lighting

Before you go for your nightly swim, you are likely making a stop at the pool deck or patio to drop off your shoes and towel. That’s why it is wise to make sure you have enough lighting around your deck or patio to increase visibility. To start, adding ground lights will help guide your way from the deck into the pool area. Plus, it helps make sure that nothing gets knocked over, stepped on, or bumped on your travels. If your deck or patio has steps, it’s also wise to add lighting to the steps so your guests can avoid tripping.

Add Lights Around Your Pool

Another way to help increase visibility around your pool is by adding light fixtures surrounding the border of your pool. Adding lights around the boarder of your pool helps prevent any accidents and increases your visibility so you don’t trip over any pool toys that may have been left out. You can use broad lighting to help illuminate the perimeter of the pool. Plus, if you have guests that prefer to sit out from swimming, adding lights around the border will help them feel more involved in any conversations, instead of sitting in the dark.

Light Up the Inside of Your Pool

You should always have an LED light placed inside of your pool. Having an LED light will light up the interior of the pool without being too intense. You can even add different colored lights for different effects. One idea is to section your pool off. For example, try using one color to highlight the shallow end, another to highlight the deep end, and even use one more for your hot tub!

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