Expert Tips for Lighting Your Patio

Your patio provides you additional space to relax and entertain guests in your home, so you need to pay attention to the design and lighting of the space to ensure it serves the purposes you desire.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when figuring out the best ways to create a patio that you and your guests adore!

Find the focal points of your patio area

Your options are unlimited when it comes to lighting up your deck or patio, so finding your focal points means deciding on which elements of your space you want to highlight.

If you are offering light so people can see where to walk, add some lighting to steps and pathways. Maybe you desire lighting that amplifies a certain feature of your deck, such as a pool or seating area. Finding your focus will help you figure out the best type and location of lighting for your patio.

Choose the right type of lighting for your patio

Patio Lighting in FloridaSo many lighting options exist that at first it may be difficult to choose the best design and style for your patio.

However, after narrowing down your focus, you can choose the type of lighting that best highlights the areas and features you wish to illuminate. If your focus is the patio steps, choose flush mounts or surface mounts to light up the path. Shine a light on your deck’s architecture with uplighting or spotlights to create a dramatic effect or anchor downlights on walls to show off plant life.

Inspire your patio design

Get inspired and select a design for your deck or patio that speaks to you. Create a relaxing escape by installing a hot tub into your deck. Give your space a modern look with contemporary furniture and neutral colors.

Play with the level of lighting you use to create different atmospheres; for example, use low lighting for intimate spaces and ample lighting for grandiose affairs. Add some space for an outdoor fireplace or lanterns.

And when in doubt, call on the experts at Illuminations, USA to design a flawless patio lighting design customized to your space! Give us a call at 407-880-0700 today to learn more.