Enhance Your Yard with DIY Landscape Lighting

Here in Central Florida, there is nothing more relaxing than a fall evening on a back porch or yard. Whether you are grilling or enjoying drinks and a bonfire with friends, landscape lighting can enhance the experience. With the sun setting earlier each day, lights throughout your backyard will give you a chance to spend more time outside with your family and friends. Follow our advice for an attractive DIY landscape lighting arrangement.

Before purchasing lights to install, think about how you use your yard, what areas you spend the most time in and if there are any specific features you would like to highlight. Garden paths, pools, table areas and fire pits are a few commonly accented spots.

Make a Sketch

Get out a piece of paper and create a simple drawing of your yard, including foliage and furniture. Make note of the areas that are often in shadow and those that you plan to spend time in.

Choose Your Lights

Based on this drawing, choose where your lighting will be best placed. Short, staked lights are great for highlighting paths and garden areas, while spotlights can illuminate pool areas and patios to provide ample lighting for nighttime activities.

Once you know what type of lights you would like to use and where you would like them to go, visit Illuminations USA to order them. With LED path lights, deck lights and a variety of spotlights, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Interested in having the lights installed for you? Call us today at 407-880-0700 to get started on your project!