Encourage Feelings of Safety and Security with DIY Outdoor Lighting

Especially during the fall and winter months, having a well-lit home is important for your safety. As a chilly breeze blows through the trees and the sun sets earlier every day, outdoor lighting can create an attractive display that lights the way for you and your guests. A well-lit home makes it easy for friends and family to reach your front door, while discouraging unwanted intruders from snooping around. Outdoor lighting is also convenient for everyday activities like unpacking the groceries after an evening trip to the store.

With an array of LED lights available through Illuminations USA, DIY outdoor security lighting is easier than ever! Whether your family is interested in brightening your home for holiday guests or looking to create a secure atmosphere while you are out of town for Christmas, we recommend installing lights on a timer. Set your LED lights to go on at dusk and off in the early morning hours to save energy and ensure your home is well-lit throughout the evening.

Lights should be placed along or pointed towards walkways to help guests find car keys in purses and avoid tripping on steps. They can also be placed facing your garage doors, front porch and backyard areas like patios and pools. This helps welcomed friends and family members make their way around your home at night, while discouraging others from lurking around your property while you are out.

Create a positive and secure atmosphere for your home with DIY lighting solutions from Illuminations USA. We also offer installation services for homes and businesses in the Central Florida area. Contact us online or by calling 407-880-0700 to get started on your outdoor lighting project today!