Do LED Lights Repel Bugs?

LED LightsThere has been a heated debate going on about whether or not LED lights have the ability to repel bugs. A common myth shared by many is that LED lights, in addition to being incredibly power efficient, can also keep insects at bay. The truth of the matter is that while some companies may claim that their LEDs are a natural bug repellant, it’s not actually true.

While LED lights may attract fewer bugs than a typical bulb, there’s no proof that LEDs will keep insects away. There are a lot of benefits that you’ll enjoy when you switch to LED, including lower energy bills, better lighting and, possibly, fewer insects buzzing around, but that’s not because LEDs are bug repellants.

Insects use UV light to help them navigate and locate food. That’s why there are always a ton of bugs buzzing around regular light bulbs – the light attracts the insects because it makes them think that there could be food nearby. Insects are also attracted to regular light bulbs because they give off heat.

LED lights, on the other hand, emit very little light on the UV spectrum, so when it comes to navigation and food, LED lights simply aren’t very interesting to insects. Plus, LEDs give off significantly less heat than regular light bulbs, and with less UV lighting and heat to attract bugs, it follows that you may see fewer bugs swarming around.

However, since LEDs still do emit some light on the UV spectrum as well as a little bit of heat, if insects are paying attention – and perhaps not distracted by any regular light bulbs in the area that are emitting more UV light and more heat – they will still be attracted to LED lights.

While it is a myth that LED lights are a repellant for bugs, it makes sense why some people might think it’s true. It’s possible that LEDs are less interesting to most insects than regular light bulbs, but that repellant factor is simply a myth – but it doesn’t make them any less interesting to us!

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