Creating Your Own Outdoor Oasis

You don’t need to travel far to have a relaxing and fun experience with your family. Instead of planning for your next adventure, start planning to make your home the outdoor destination that you have been dreaming about!

Backyard Lighting

This year, one of the predicted backyard trends is the idea of making your backyard another room in your home. One of the best ways to start decorating your outdoor living space is to take advantage of the beauty surrounding it while incorporating comfort and pieces that you would usually find indoors.

Another important feature of any outdoor living space is adding the right amount of lighting in the right places. You want to use your area to enjoy relaxing outside at all hours of the day. Having the proper lighting will allow you to sit back and relax all evening long.

If you’re starting to plan your outdoor oasis, here are a few areas to consider adding lighting in your yard!

Make Sure Your Pool is Well Lit 

As all pool owners know, pool safety should be your number one concern this summer. If you don’t already have appropriate lighting for your pool area, you need it. Everyone should be able to see where the edge of the pool is at night, to avoid any life-threatening accidents or injuries. You can add lighting inside your pool and surrounding area for additional safety.

Light Up Your Walkways

To make your home feel more welcoming, you should always add lightning to your walkways. A darkened walkway can be quite frightening during the evening. No, you don’t need to light up your entire home, of course. However, for safety purposes, it’s important to install lighting to your walkway that will help guide people into your backyard. Consider adding LED path lights to help avoid trips and falls throughout the night.

Hang Lights Over Your Outdoor Dining Table 

The best conversations are often held when you’re sitting around your outdoor dining table. If you plan on sitting around a backyard dining table, you’re going to want to make sure that you install a chandelier or other mood lighting over the table. Not only does this allow you to see and make eye contact with your company, but it also creates a relaxing dining area for you and your guests to eat and drink.

Make your outdoor living space your oasis for you and your family. To start discussing plans and design advice, give Illuminations USA a call today at 407-880-0700!