Color Temperature and Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Landscape lighting has been growing in popularity recently as more homeowners seek to enjoy their outside spaces during evening hours. Properly installed architectural or landscape lighting not only provides enough light to safely enjoy an outdoor area, but can highlight landscape features in a way that is visually appealing. A common question with exterior design is about color temperature and landscape lighting.

Color temperature is a concept that is commonly used in design fields like lighting, photography and interior design. Color temperature is usually expressed using the Kelvin scale, and different colors may be described as being warm or cool based on the temperature, with warm colors having a temperature range around 2,700 to 3,000 K and cooler colors having a higher temperature range, 3,500 K or higher. Cool colors will have a bluish-white hue while warm colors will have an amber or yellow hue.

The color temperature of landscape and architectural lighting is an important decision as it has a real impact on the effect of the overall display. Cooler temperature lighting in a landscape may create an unnatural appearance, but sometimes works well as an accent to certain trees or architectural features. Warmer light is more like the light cast by a campfire, and can be pleasing, comfortable and inviting.

While opinions vary as to where to use various temperature lights, a general rule is to use warmer lights unless you are certain that the cooler light will enhance a plant or structure rather than making it look unnatural. It is possible to mix warmer and cooler lights in the same exterior landscape design, too, but finding the balance is key so that warmer lights don’t wash out cooler lighting and that all areas are brightened in a way that creates useful and appealing light.

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