Architectural Lighting: Learn the Basics

Architectural Lighting There’s a secret to installing outdoor lighting and it starts with the architecture of your home.

When installing outdoor lighting throughout your property, it’s important to take into account the architecture of your home’s style and landscape. Things such as shrubs and bushes, tall trees, roof overhangs, decks, patios, steps, walkways and many other features must are all get taken into account. After all, it’s called architecture lighting for a reason! Let’s dive into the basic fundamentals of making your home look its best.

Avoid Shadows or No Light At All

Although lights are meant to brighten up a space, they can sometimes do the opposite if they’re not placed in the right spots. Poorly positioned lights can cast shadows outside or inside of your home, thus making it look darker than you wanted. By calling in architecture lighting professionals from Illuminations USA, our experts can tell you exactly where to place each light source and what type of lighting to use. Whether you want to install some on the ground a few feet away from the house acting as small spot lights, or you want to install one inside a lamp post, we’ll make sure they each do their job.

Avoid Tripping

When installing light fixtures outdoors, it’s important to keep in mind that grass isn’t completely off limits to foot traffic. Rather than placing pathway lights just anywhere throughout your landscape, call in a professional to install them for you. We will take into account where you want the lights to go, what purpose they will serve when they are installed, and how much foot traffic your yard gets year round. If you have summer barbecues that turn into late night swimming parties, it’s best to ensure the lights are close to the edge of your driveway, walkway, deck, patio or pool area to avoid potential injuries or accidents.

Stay Safe

The sole purpose of outdoor lighting is to illuminate your house at night and to help brighten the most important aspects and features of your property. However, when installing lights near doorways or the outside of your garage or shed, the additional brightness near these main entry points to your home can help make your property more safe. You need to find a balance, though – lights that don’t blind you as you walk up to the front door, but ones that are not so dim that you can barely see the front door. We’ll take into account the length and width of your entry points to ensure there is plenty of light provided by any new lighting that you install. We’ll also take into account your roof overhang and other features that would prevent certain parts of your home from being lit properly.

We told you there’s a secret to lighting! It’s important that your lighting is installed at the right angle and location to ensure your home is bright at night, but not too bright and not too dim. For professional help in finding the perfect balance to your lighting, call the team at Illuminations USA to install your architectural lighting. We have plenty of quality products to choose from, including LED lights that will make your home the best-looking one on the block – even at night! Learn more by calling us today at 407-880-0700.