4 Ways to Make Your Yard Stand Out

Looking to make a good impression on your neighbors and guests?

Don’t get lost in the sea of green, mundane landscapes of your neighborhood. Here are a few tricks of the trade that will help your yard to really stand out!

Think native to your neighborhood

Residential Street in FloridaOne of the first things we suggest is to take into account where you live: what are the native plants that thrive in that region of the country?

We only ask because native plants are known to be a smart, strategic investment for your yard. Not only are they quite literally meant to be grown where you live, but also, they usually require less water and upkeep, which helps you as the gardener!

Curved is cooler

When we design our yards, we like structure, right?

Perfect places for our potted plants, and a design that is architecturally sound, and straight. But that doesn’t spark creativity, or imagination—ditch the straight lines for curved ones!

Think of edging that is different than most, with unique shapes and sizes that will draw anyone’s attention. This element is guaranteed to add character to any yard!

Create focal points

An outstanding yard is one that has beautiful features that demand attention.

But it’s up to you to highlight them! How? Be it outdoor seating with flowers around it, spotlights on your trees or a fountain, or natural walkways that connect two parts of the yard, we want a yard that gives people a place to explore and wonder—even if it’s with a small space.

Think outside of the box!

Make your yard stand out with lighting

You can add drama, warmth, colors, and more with outdoor lighting from Illuminations USA. It’s one of the easiest ways to create a yard that truly stands out from the rest.

Give us a call at 407-880-0700 to learn more about creating your very own landscape lighting design today!