4 Ways Add Light to Your Front Yard

Navigating through your yard in the dark may make you feel nervous and unsafe at times. That’s why adding lighting to your front yard is essential for your home’s safety and security. Ensure that you and your guests are safe and secure by making sure your yard is well lit!

Security Lighting

If you want to add bright lights to your property, one of the best options is to add security lights. Hang security lights above your garage or by your backyard fence entrance to ensure that you’ll have lighting when you need it in these darker spots. Security lights are motion censored, so they will turn on when something is in its range of motion, such as a person or animal.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is softer lighting that helps guests navigate your walkway. Path lighting can travel alongside your driveway, walkway, or the steps to your front porch. Having these lights enables you to steer clear of any rocks, cracks, or uneven pavements that may cause you to trip and fall. 

Illuminate Your House Numbers

We’ve all been there, driving at night and struggling to find a house because you can’t seem to read the house numbers. A simple way to add some light to your front yard and porch area is to add light to your house numbers. Some fixtures have lights built in them, or you can opt for a spotlight to make sure your house number is the center of attention. Adding light to your numbers helps guests find their destination more easily, and it gives you a little extra lighting as you walk up to your door at night.

Spot Lighting

Many people will use moderate to high-intensity spotlights to up-light their landscaping. You can even place lights under your trees and bushes to highlight your landscaping at night! Place the lights so that they are shining upwards at the base of the plant to make your yard well-lit and stand out!

Do you need to add light to your front yard, but don’t know where to start? Bring in a professional lighting expert from Illuminations USA! We will set you up with the right lighting plan for you! Give us a call at 407-880-0700 today to learn more about our outdoor lighting services!