4 Common Questions Clients Ask When Lighting Their Outdoor Entryway

When you’re adding lighting to your landscaping, you’ll quickly realize that there are some important features of your home where you should prioritize great lighting. One of the most important places where you should have lighting is your outdoor entryway. Having a well-lit entryway will help your guests feel welcomed and safe.

Because there are many different lighting selections for this area of your home, here are some answers to the common questions that we are asked about entryway lighting:

Lighting for Your Entryway

What Should You Consider When You’re Choosing an Outdoor Entry Light?

All homes are different. A lighting option that work’s for your friend’s home might not be the best option for your home. Take some time to take note of your home’s architectural style. Knowing your architectural style will help you find the perfect outdoor fixtures that will best complement your entryway.

Do you have windows near your entryway? Or a roof over the entrance? Both of these common household features can influence what lighting you choose for your home.

What Are Your Options for Outdoor Entryway Lighting?

Realistically, your options are endless when choosing an outdoor entryway lighting fixture. It all depends on the structure of your entryway. Typically homeowners will choose options such as hanging pendants, ceiling lights, and recessed lighting.

How Bright Should Your Lights Be?

Believe it or not, a little bit of light goes a long way. Incandescent wattages can be kept in a 25 to 40-watt range. If you are using multiple light fixtures in your entryway, you can expect each fixture to have about 25 watts. If you have additional features, such as large windows that may reflect lighting, and you can typically use even less light.

Do your Outdoor Fixtures Need to Match?

Choosing your outdoor lighting fixtures is up to personal preference. However, keep in mind that your lighting fixtures will be visible in the daytime, so you might want to find structures that won’t clash with each other.

Installing Lighting Systems in Your Entryway

Create a welcoming atmosphere with your outdoor lighting. Contact Illuminations USA to find the best lighting systems for your home in the Orlando, FL, area.