Professionally Installed LED Lighting

Benefits of LED Lighting in Orlando, FL

Illuminations USA uses only the best products available in the industry. For over 18 years we have provided Orlando and the surrounding areas with the highest quality landscape lighting design and installation. LED or Light Emitting Diode is a new and changing frontier in the lighting world, which must be installed and designed differently than conventional lighting. With our vast experience, Illuminations USA will make sure that each feature of your creation has the correct lumen, beam spread, and location to enhance your home and garden to its fullest.


The color temperature of LED lighting is very important. When LED lights first came out, they were blue, now there are a variety of color temperatures to choose from. The different color temperatures are used for different reasons; some colors make green look greener and some match halogen color, which is in the 2800 to 3000 range of the light spectrum. This is what Illuminations USA uses for our architecture lighting. From experience, Illuminations USA knows which color temperature, beam spread and the correct wattage to use to get the best outcome for any lighting situation.


With the use of lenses and optics, we are able to make distinctive differences in the colors of your gardens. We have the ability to make the LED lights brighter and more focused than lights sold at a cheaper price. The retrofit LED lamps fit into existing conventional lighting fixtures and have a 5 year warranty. The only time Illuminations USA these conventional lighting fixtures is when they are high quality pieces that are worth saving. Although they are not the very best, they cost about 50% less than true LED, with electrical savings of about 75% to 80%. For these fixtures, you must change the bulbs every five years.


The fixtures that Illuminations USA sell are guaranteed for 15 years and have the highest lumens per watt in the industry. On average there is about an 80% energy savings or a 2 year return on your investment.


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