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Illuminations USA Inc. offers premier outdoor lighting services near Orlando and Daytona Beach, Florida. Whether you want to add lighting for aesthetics or for security purposes, our professionals enhance your curb appeal with strategically placed landscape and architectural lighting. Since 1994, Illuminations USA Inc. has designed unique outdoor lighting systems meant to accent your home’s most notable features while providing the safety and security of a well-lit exterior.

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Illuminations USA Inc. provides Central Florida with some of the most impressive outdoor lighting that enhances both the landscape and the architecture of the building. From grand entrances and leading pathways to beautiful gardens and amazing pools, we accentuate the most appealing features of your home. Our expert installation, matched with low voltage LED architectural lighting provides added safety and beauty to any structure with economical, efficient lighting solutions.

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Outdoor cosmetic lighting not only adds aesthetic quality to your home or business, it also reinforces safety and security. Keep guests and family members safe at all hours with illuminated walkways, entrances, and garden paths, eliminating tripping hazards and harmful obstacles. Effective architectural and security lighting also serves as a deterrent for burglars and unwanted guests looking for easy opportunities in darkened homes or businesses.

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